Minggu, 09 Agustus 2015

All About Myself..

My name is Syafiera Rahmania and I'm 15 years old. Most of my friend call me Sasya. I was born on 17th of June 2000 in Bandung. My mother gave birth of me at Borromeus Hospital. I have 3 siblings including me, 2 lil brothers. As you all might guess, I'm the eldest in the family. I live in Buahbatu Regensi Residence now. My favorite food is such like sundanese dishes, salmon fish, and so many more. I love blue color, because it is like the color of sky and ocean. I  think it is symbolize fierce and peaceful. My hobby is like to playing musical instrument like guitar or piano while I’m singing, drawing a sketch or sometimes painting, reading a book, movie marathon, hangout with friends, hunting the beautiful places and enjoying the nature.

My father's name is Muhamad Fajri. my father was a director and also contractor in the water pump industry. My mother's name is Radianny Berlina. My mother is working in the bank since she got finished her post graduate. Both my parents have been dedicated their lives in raising the 3 of us and ensure that we become successful individuals in this world and hereafter. I thank God to have such great parents.

The eldest little brother among my siblings is Renren. He's 10 years old and still on his primary school, GagasCeria. My brother Raffa is the last one in my family. He's still 3 years old.

My primary school life begun when i was 6 years old. The school was same as Renren, it was Sekolah Dasar (SD) GagasCeria. Then i went to secondary school, at Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri (SMPN) 2 Bandung. I managed to do well in Singing and got so many achievement. So I used my achievement for registered to the best High School in my country, and I was so happy knowing that now I can study in there. Yep, now I’m at the senior secondary school life at Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri (SMAN) 3 Bandung. I’m so thankful to god for giving me a chance to studying there.

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