Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Bali Experience

on the last holiday, my family and I went to bali. we leave home on Sunday. First we went by a car from bandung to soekarno hatta international airport and continue our trip by a plane. We arrived at bali at night,and then we checked in at the hard rock hotel that near to kuta beach. After taking a nap in the hotel, my family and I decided to go to kuta beach first because it was not really far from our hotel. There my brother and I swim on the beach and my parents only stayed at the beach side enjoyed the sunbathe. In the afternoon we eat at one of restaurant near Kuta beach. On the next day, we went to tanah lot. Tanah lot was a nice place. It was lovely place for taking photo. The wave so rough, so do the wind. We saw so many tourists there. In the evening, we went back to the hotel. Than we took a bath and took a rest. On the third day, we spent out time on tanjung benoa beach. We played water sports at there. We drove banana boat and speed boat. In the afternoon, we went to penyu island to see unique animals such as big turtles, snake, and sea birds. The fourth day, my family and I went to a place which was full of monkeys called “Alas Kedaton”. Actually I was a litle bit afraid when I was in “Alas Kedaton”, but my father convinced me that it would be fine. My father was right, there I took some pictures with the monkeys and they were friendly. After that, we moved to the most amazing and beautiful place I have ever visited called “Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)”. That place was so wide. The statue that built there was very big and nice. I was wandering how could they bulit such a nice place. Of course, my family and I did not want to miss such an excellent place to take our pictures. When we were taking pictures, we heard a music that came from somewhere. Then, we found the place from where the music came from. It came from a nice place, it was look like an auditorium. There was showed traditional Balinese dance. That was very great to see such a dance. Because the day already turned dark, we went back to the hotel. The last day, it was the time for shopping. So, my family and I went to traditional market called “Sukowati”. I was very happy to be there. I wanted to buy anything I want. I felt that the time moved so fast inside the market, when we went out from the market it was already 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Then, we went back to the hotel and pack our bags because we need to go back to Lampung the next day. That was amazing holiday for me. I hope I can go to Bali again next time.

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